Canuck, grunge and flower power: trump that!

Four sleeps.

Time to plan- I need a framework, an approach, an orientation for impending travel. Not sure if this is to galvanise myself to stop procrastinating on practical things or part of the self same process. Probably both- hopefully it balances itself out and is cost neutral like an Australian politician’s declarations of interest or foreign citizenship.

I’ve never met a Canadian I didn’t like“. My frequent refrain in travel. You meet so many of them. Expressed in the negative to both avoid and prepare for disappointment. I’ve gone close a few times, but never hit the Canadian crackpot.

We’re staying with some wonderful Canadians. I chose to trust they are indicative in the absence of alternate evidence.

So alike to Australians are the Canadians: liberal democratic traditions, Westminster governance, links to old dart, love of the outdoors, educated, socially progressive policies but essentially conservative people, operating under the western rule of law, sport focused, a breeding ground for quality musicians (reference Neil Young, Leonard, Alanis, Joni Mitchell, Cowboy Junkies), resource based economies, parity in exchange rates and vast outbacks yet with an urban concentration. But the differences are notable: free settlement V convict streak, land V ocean borders, the Rockies V ranges, snow V sand, bears V snakes, crocodiles, jelly fish, spiders etc….maple syrup! And then there is America (more of that later). A potent mixture for exploration.


One word denoting a feeling, a movement, a social phenomena, a lifestyle, an attitude, a musical style, an appearance.

Seattle was its’ epicentre. What the hell was in the water to spurn: Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, Mudhoney,  Mad Season (one of my favourites), the simply stunning Mark Lanegan and of course Nirvana? What was going on: politically, socially, culturally, environmentally, interpersonally and any other ‘y’ you can think of? Was the rate of demise and decrepitude of the key players a result of the phenomena and/or the environment from whence it came and/or the normal burnout associated with rapid escalation, huge impact and an unyielding spotlight? Oh the noted increase of my heartbeat and sweaty palms in expectation. The joy is often in the prospect.

The wonderful contrast and similarity of the phenomena of flower power in San Francisco- the summer of love. We will be there to mark the 50th anniversary of something that echoed across the world.

The equal of grunge. I surmise it was manifested differently. But I want proof. Facts are what I crave. Real ones based on contact and interaction with real people. No alternate facts, false facts and jealously guarded prejudicial enquiry. Beer, coffee and informal, quite, but nonetheless indomitable enquiry, from this simple Kalgoorlie boy are the tools of trade.

My fears of being locked up for my social studies are less this trip to others. Then again there is…….

The tweet twat Trump. Sounds like tic tac toe, but here the similarity dramatically dies.

More the four horseman of the apocalypse, a combined Joseph Mengele/Goebbels/ Himmler, Caligula, Mao, Vlad the Impaler and Wile E Coyote. No redeeming features. The marker is his hairstyle: Seems fake and a statement of his vanity and egotistical self admiration- narcissism. Remarkable the hair lives on given it is inconsistent with the attitudes of the public. It  stays simply and profoundly only due to the wearer’s own barometer- an internal reference at odds with broader sentiment and requirement.

The original Narcissus met his fate due to divine punishment for cruelty because he was addicted to the adoration of his own image.

History proves when satire and reality become so entwined, bad things can happen. Trumsvilvania is hard to send up, to ridicule. It is its own irony.

Hair to day gone tomorrow. Hair apparent???

I am keen on exploring all things Trump on this trip.

Damn. Finished. I better pack and check the credit cards work.





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